Multi-channel observational complex for cosmic rays includes:

  • Neutron monitor 24 NM-64 consists of 4 spreaded sections. Each section contains six two-meters-long proportional counters filled with trifluoro boron (BF3) and rich isotope B10. Counters СНМ-15 are surrounded by polyethylene thermo-insulation and are put into lead used as local generator of neutrons under interaction with nuclear-active component of CR. The lead is surrounded on the outside by the layer of polyethylene used as reflector. Total area of four sections is 24 m2 and its mass is 50 tonnes. Neutron monitor provides minutely and hourly data of variations of nuclear-active CR component intensity.
  • Spectrograph on local neutron generation with neutron monitor 24 NM-64 sensor used in it. Continuous registration of neutrons with local generations multiplicity is provided (on each section). This makes it possible to continuously get information about CR intensity in several intervals of energy. Total number of registration channels is 28.
  • Matrix mu-meson telescope is constructed with gas-discharge counters SGM-14 in proportional mode used. For registration of hard mu-meson component lead of neutron monitor is used as a shield. Telescope provides registration of general ionizing component and mu-meson component with zenith angles 0, 30, 40, 50, 60, 67 и 71 degrees and in eight azimuthal directions.
  • Auxiliary equipment includes: digital barograph for continuous real-time registration of atmospheric pressure with 0,1 mb precision (BRS-1M), digital barograph with mercurial inspection barometer used for hourly verification of digital barograph for continuous real-time registration display, digital thermographs for continuous registration of inside and outside temperature, instability of feeding voltages measuring instruments.


Детектор космических лучей (4 секции) комплекса:


Multi-channel observational complex for cosmic rays: